In recent years, self-proclaimed SEO-experts have come up with a variety of tricks to outwit the search engines –Google in particular– and their organic ranking. Satellite pages, keyword bashing, and link baiting are the order of the day. These approaches are successful only until Google changes its algorithms. Then the game starts over: new tricks and new responses. Over the long term this game has led the quality of organic search results to plummet, and businesses have had to heavily invest in SEA in order to get visibility. Today Google emphasizes semantics over keywords or backlinks. So, a semantically enriched text gets a much higher Google rating and achieves meaningful SEO-benefits even in the short-term. Expenditures on SEA can be reduced. Smart Relevance Optimization (SRO) is thus the next step beyond SEO and SEA.

Our solution – our Smart Relevance Optimization Engine – helps you in creating text copy and in optimizing your online documents with a view to reader relevance and SEO. In this way your owned content can achieve higher placement in organic search engine ranking. By quickly identifying trending themes and cleverly interlinking your content elements with interreferencing, you can also increase the length of time users spend browsing your site. Long-term, you increase the sense of connection users feel toward your content.

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