Smart Relevance Solutions

Our semantic Context Marketing technology revolutionizes online marketing and the online advertising market.

A doc isn’t always a document. Sometimes it’s what you need late at night when you’re ill and sometimes it’s a file. And A bank isn’t always a bank. Sometimes it’s a financial institute, sometimes it’s a riverside. Context makes all the difference. Only with the help of semantics and linguistic learning is it possible for machines to grasp the meaning of words in context and understand content. For marketing today, understanding context and content is something you’ve got to do, whether you want to optimize your ranking in organic Google search results or direct your ads to just the right place. Smart Relevance Solutions are the future.

With our enthusiasm for disruptive technologies, we want to decisive develop digital marketing and digital advertising in Switzerland.
As a pioneer in providing semantically enriched communication and semantic online advertising, we offer our customers high-value and customized solutions. Conformance with current data protection rules such as GDPR and EU cookie guidelines is of primary importance to us. Since we see ourselves ultimately as a business enabler, we also offer semantic solutions from our network of experienced experts alongside our own state-of-the-art solutions.