About us

Who we are

The Smart Relevance Experts – we are a solutions provider for innovative communications solutions in the field of semantic.

Our solutions will revolutionize your business. The Smart Relevance Experts is exclusive distribution partner of semcona GmbH in Bautzen/Germany, founded in 2013.

As a solutions provider for today, we market an innovative, modern communications solution that will revolutionize how you do marketing. Our product SRO builds on your SEO activities and decisively improves your search engine ranking. Your expenses in Adwords therefore can be decreased.

As a solutions provider for tomorrow, we market an innovative, interest-driven targeting solution that promises to revolutionize online advertising. Our proprietary, high-performance semantic software sets a new benchmark for the delivery of privacy-compliant, targeted online advertising materials.

We’re the first to fully comply with EU cookie law, since we store neither cookies nor personal data. Our targeting solution extracts the needs and interests of users in real time within milliseconds of their current search, and delivers appropriate marketing material in response.

Other applications of our software include data classification (risk and opportunity management) and semantic searches as well as e-business automation.

What makes us unique

Our company

  • Long term experience in digital marketing

  • Smart and smoothly operating network of experts

  • Flexibility and agility

  • Customer references from different sectors and with success

  • Focus on our customers needs

Our solutions

  • Revolutionary, proprietary technology
  • Compliance with current data protection rules (e.g. EU cookie law and GDPR)
  • Highly diverse use cases

  • Scalable with user needs
  • Intelligent and self-learning software solution

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Our team

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Christian Vuithier
Christian VuithierManaging Partner
Christian Vuithier is a pioneer in digital marketing mainly in digital media and sales. His industries of expertise are Media, Martech, FMCG, Services, Automotive and Telecommunications. He’s leading our business and is the primary contact for our clients.
Andreas Bittig
Andreas BittigManaging Partner
Andreas Bittig is an independent consultant in the field of innovation and corporate development. His branch focus is on energy, IT, telecommunications and media. As founder and co-founder of various startups, he brings in his broad experience and his network.